Training Program

Training Program

Who Can Deliver Mindful Fathering?

Mindful Fathering is delivered most effectively when organizations and staff are trained to use the program and can meet client and program delivery responsibilities. Training can be arranged directly with Yorktown Family Services and customized to meet the interests and needs of individual organizations and/or service networks.

Experience + Expertise = Eligibility

Mindful Fathering is best delivered by professionals with skills and knowledge in the areas of:

  • group work, counselling
  • intimate partner violence
  • trauma
  • family of origin work
  • working with men
  • diverse cultures, views and values
  • sexual diversity, gender and anti-oppression work
  • attachment, regulation, child development
  • parenting
  • mindfulness
facilitators and trainees standing together
Mindful Fathering Program Trainers and Participants; from left to right:

Rodrigo Moreno, Mindful Fathering Program Co-facilitator
Liisa Kuuter, Mindful Fathering Program Co-facilitator
David O’Brien, Director of Infant, Child, and Youth Mental Health Services
Ruby Martin, Chief Child and Youth Programs Officer, YWCA York, Pennsylvania
Christen Coscia, Mindfulness Education Coordinator, YWCA York, Pennsylvania
Suzette Arruda-Santos, Executive Director
Karen Blake, Manager of Community-Based Violence Prevention Programs

Eligible for training? Here’s what else you need to run the program…


Your facility needs to offer privacy, access to a kitchen for meal preparation, and a bathroom. It needs to be large enough for fathers to be able to get up, walk around and complete some activities separate from the group.

Table versus circle? We’ve used both. A table provides a surface for resources, note taking, and the physical structure of the table itself may help the men feel a little less exposed. Sitting in a circle eliminates all barriers. Your choice will depend on your options and cultural norms.


Two co-facilitators of mixed genders are needed to run a group of between eight and 12 members. A third facilitator and/or intern can also assist and gain experience for running a subsequent cycle. With support, a resource person (former member of the group) can be a tremendous asset to the group. A supervisor/manager is also needed to support and manage the program.

Availability for Support

The manager and co-facilitators are responsible for supporting fathers throughout their experience at Mindful Fathering. This can include: helping the men prepare for meetings and/or telephone contact with child welfare and/or other professionals; reaching out to them during and in between groups if they appear to be in difficulty; and, supporting them to connect to additional supports and services. Specific activities are determined by staff/agency practices.

What are your next steps?

Your training program will be customized to meet your needs. Here are the basic elements of what you can expect:

  • 2-Day In-Person Training with experienced Mindful Fathering Program Leaders
  • Comprehensive Program Manual including program elements, resources for participants and staff with source references
  • Access to the Mindful Fathering Pro Portal packed with digital resources to promote continued learning and best practices
  • Ongoing Support from experts who support similar communities with similar issues

Contact us today with your organization’s information and training needs. Use the Training Program Information Request Form and we will respond by email to set up a phone consultation. You may also call Karen Blake, Program Manager during normal business hours EST at (416) 394-2424, ext. 228.

We appreciate your interest in bringing Mindful Fathering to your community.

Training Program Information Request Form

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